Riccardo Magni

Chef Pastry Chef, a professional who has been active for over two decades in the world of pastry, he began his working career alongside his father Paolo, alternating the work of the laboratory with a path of professional growth made up of numerous training courses, refresher courses and internships under the guidance of great professionals, also attending facilities such as the Ecole Lenôtre and Bellouet Conseil in France, Richemont of Lucerne in Switzerland.

He has gained considerable experience at the national and international level in contexts of high professional value. He has long collaborated with important pastry realities in Italy and abroad, and has numerous publications in the most important magazines in the sector. He currently works as an all-round consultant and teacher, a task that sees him engaged in the world of training with leading companies.

The evolution of this path is realized with the desire to put to use the professional background, knowledge and sensibilities acquired, with the recent choice to take a path that evolves from the role of Pastry Chef to that of the figure of the consultant pastry chef, a turn that now sees him engaged in the different areas of pastry even outside national borders, from the Mediterranean to Asia, from Europe to Arab countries, developing projects on several fronts and collaborating with companies in the sector, publications, teaching and demonstration activities.