Stefano Ferrara

Stefano Ferrara ice cream maker for more than 20 years , owner of Stefano Ferrara Gelato Lab with two outlets and a production laboratory in Rome.

He approached the work in a personal way, developing knowledge of ice cream chemistry and physics and doing research and a lot of testing on raw materials such as fibers (he has been studying them for more than 13 years), stabilizers and different sugars.

Of great importance and experience has been the work on sugars and the texture (viscosity) of ice cream. To date, he uses only one sugar in ice cream, which in addition to its function as an antifreeze, he chooses based on its aromatic component related to the taste desired (agave sugar, coconut sugar, cane sugar etc.).

He has developed a line of jarred products without sugar for sale in the large-scale retail trade.

His gelateria obtains three Gambero Rosso cones from 2021 to date. In 2023 he won the Gambero Rosso award for best chocolate.
Stefano Ferrara is also a DOC ITALY flavor ambassador and collaborates with university researchers testing new ingredients in artisanal ice cream.

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