Alessandro Tiscione

Creative takeaway and the importance of social media

Contents covered:

• The importance of takeaway in ice cream and pastry shops.
• Create at room temperature, enjoy at -18°C! Creative ideas for ice cream cakes, single portions, ice cream sticks, jars.
• Focus on the processing of the new TAKE-AWAY SWEET ICE CREAM BASES, products that allow you to create a complete display case characterized by products where softness at -18°C and slow melting are just some of the main pluses. The new Dolce Asporto Gelato Bases stand out for their performance, in particular resistance and workability at room temperature, two characteristics capable of radically changing the experience of both the final consumer and the artisan producer.
• Thanks to their high stability and innovative composition – characterized by functional proteins, fibers with high binding capacity and ingredients that allow better control of dripping and binding of water avoiding freezing – the ice cream maker can work with Ice Cream Bases Sweet Takeaway at room temperature without the risk of melting, obtaining impeccable results also from the point of view of glassability. Furthermore, their resistance to melting during takeaway makes these bases perfect for sticks, jarred ice cream, ice cream cakes to take home and eat the following days. The product, in fact, remains soft to the spoon as soon as it is removed from the freezer, thus eliminating waiting times.
• The importance of effective communication through social channels.

DATE: 7-05-2024
TIMETABLES: 9.00 – 12.30 / 13.30 – 17.00
LUNCH: 12.30-13.30 (offered by Comprital)
GADGET: Product sampling and merchandising Athenaeum
LOCATION: Athenaeum Comprital – via Verdi 16, Settala (MI)
TEACHER INSTAGRAM: Visit Alessandro Tiscione’s profile on Instagram


  • Athenaeum welcome kit (bag, apron, thermos)
  • Educational material
  • Certificate of participation
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